Who are the Junto?

The premiere podcast for genre fiction and audio drama

Join us at Franklin Manor, home to “The Junto,” a social club in the classic style where adventures, mystics, and other unique individuals gather to socialize and conduct their private business.

Club historians David Parkin and Robert Gibbs offer a glimpse into this strange and wonderful world as they discuss the Junto and its historical headquarters and share stories archived over the centuries by its members.


David Parkin


David Parkin has been a writer and screenwriter for ten years. His graphic novel, The Devil is Due in Dreary was named by Crave Online as one of the top twenty comic books of the year in 2015 and is currently in development as a major motion picture. He has film and TV projects in various stages of development for many Hollywood production companies including Fox Television and Disney. His novel, Cave of the Shadow Ninja is available in the Kindle Store.
          Dave grew up in the Rocky Mountains. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his lovely wife and two rambunctious sons. He enjoys old movies, old music, old cars, and old friends.

Learn more at: Daveparkin.com

Robert Gibbs


Robert began his career working as a theatre actor and earning masters degrees in Shakespeare and Renaissance drama. Works he has written and co-written for stage and screen include the play Donnie and the Monsters (Horse Trade Theatre Company), the musical comedy Vive L’Emperour about Napoleon Bonaparte (Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre LA), short films Peter at the End starring Jon Heder and The Caper Kind featuring Kyle Mooney (SNL) and Nora Kirkpatrick (The Office), and the feature film Dreamworld featuring Johnny Pemberton (Son Of Zorn), Matt Jones (Mom, Breaking Bad), and Matt Bush (Adventureland, The Goldbergs). 

Timothy Thompson


A native Oregonian, Tim traveled to Hollywoodland to pursue a career in motion pictures. He has directed music videos for the likes of Weird Al” Yankovic, Reel Big Fish, and MC Lars. In addition he has worked on numerous award winning short films and independent projects. He has a deep passion for music, poetry, and animation, and endeavors to continue working in storytelling for the rest of his days.